Our Mission

Dedicated to Providing Financial Services to Underserved Communities

The purpose of Beech Business Bank is to promote economic and community development in low and moderate-income neighborhoods in North, West and Northwest Philadelphia.

Beech Business Bank believes the well-being of a community is directly linked to the ability of its residents to accumulate wealth and capital through entrepreneurship and employment. Beech Business Bank focuses its activities in communities underserved by existing providers of private capital such as banks, credit unions and venture funds.

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Assisting in Wealth and Capital Accumulation for Our Residents

Beech Business Bank is a loan program managed by the Beech Capital Venture Corporation (BCVC). BCVC is a Certified Development Financial Institution of the U.S. Department of the Treasury.

Beech Business Bank provides loans to for-profits companies, non-profit organizations, and community development corporations focusing on improvement in the North, West, and Northwest Philadelphia areas. We encourage participation from banks and venture capitalists to assist in funding to create a better and more financially stable community.

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