Ensuring All Viewpoints Are Heard, All Issues Discussed

The Consortium brings all viewpoints to the table and addresses quality of life issues.

It has led to successful collaborations and an overall sense of accomplishment among many diverse organizations and residents in the area. The success lies in the coordination of efforts of all contributors to the community, including schools, churches, and businesses.

In 1991, Beech Interplex invited as many community and agency representatives in the area as could be found to participate in a meeting to discuss the mission of Beech and to foster collaboration among Cecil B. Moore stakeholders.

Since that initial meeting, there have been 2-3 every year with 60-70 people from over 50 organizations attending. Along with catered lunches and networking, the on-going interrelationship building between agencies to improve the community has been the true meaning of the Consortium.

Beech members at dinner table

The Cecil B. Moore Community

Dedicated Partners

  • 2nd Congressional District
  • 3rd Senatorial District
  • 22nd Police District
  • 29th Street Community Development Corporation
  • 1st Congressional District
  • 181st Legislative District
  • 197th Legislative District
  • African American Chamber of Commerce
  • Alliance for Progress Charter School
  • Alston Beech Foundation
  • Art Sanctuary
  • Avenue of the Arts
  • Beech Capital Venture corporation
  • Beech Community Services
  • Beech Interplex, Inc.
  • Bible Fellowship Church of God
  • Citizens Bank
  • City Council of Philadelphia
  • Department of Licenses & Inspections
  • Freedom Theatre
  • Frontiers International – Philadelphia
  • General George G. Meade School
  • Gesu School
  • Greater Brewerytown Community Development
  • Greater Philadelphia Urban Affairs Coalition
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Local Initiative Support Corporation
  • NAACP – Philadelphia
  • Neighborhood Garden Association
  • North City Congress
  • North Philadelphia Art & Cultural Alliance/Tyler School of Art
  • Office of Housing & Community Development
  • Opportunities Industrialization Center
  • Pennsylvania Horticulture Society
  • Pennsylvania Art Commission
  • Philadelphia Council for Community Advancement
  • Philadelphia Department of Commerce
  • Philadelphia Housing Authority
  • Philadelphia Housing Development Corporation
  • Philadelphia Planning Commission
  • Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority
  • Philadelphia Work Force Development
  • Social Security Administration – North Central
  • Tanner Duckrey School
  • Temple University
  • Temple University Libraries/Blockson Collection
  • Temple Small Business Development Center
  • Tenth Memorial Church
  • United Way of SE Pennsylvania
  • Uptown Development Corporation
  • Wagner Free Institute of Science
  • Washington Community Outreach Foundation
  • Women’s Christian Alliance
  • Yorktown Community Development Corporation
  • Young Men’s Christian Association

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