Application Guidelines

Proposal Deadlines

  • Deadlines are April 1st and October 1st
  • Proposals must be received by 3pm EST
  • If deadlines fall on a weekend, proposals are due on the first business day following the deadline date.

How to Apply and Prepare a Full Grant Proposal

An eligible proposal has four main sections:

  • Cover Data Sheet - General information about the applicant organization and the proposed program or project
  • Context and Project Description - Context and description of the proposed work as well as anticipated outputs and outcomes
  • Financial Information - Detailed budget information for the proposed work
  • Required Attachments - Required documents necessary for the Foundation to review your request

Additional Guidelines

Please Review The Following Notes/Instructions Before Submitting Your Proposal

  1. Proposals are NOT ACCEPTED ELECTRONICALLY - we only accept proposals via US Mail
  2. Proposals received without the required documents will be rejected
  3. Eight (8) complete copies of the proposal must be submitted to the Foundation
  4. The proposal cover sheet must be completed and submitted with the proposal
  5. A list of the organization's board of directors list must be included with the proposal
  6. Please review the checklist before submitting proposals - the Foundation will not contact you if all the required documents are not received with your proposal
  7. A copy of the organizations latest audited financial statement or organizational budget must be submitted with the proposal
  8. Please maintain headings and keep information in the same order
  9. Please use only white paper
  10. Do not use binders, plastic covers, or other elaborate packaging

Mailing Instructions

Upon competion, mail proposals to:

  • Alston-Beech Foundation
  • 1510 Cecil B. Moore Avenue,
    Suite 100
    Philadelphia, PA 19121
  • Attn: Christine Brown

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